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Take a stroll along the riverfront, down the alleyways and through the shadows of church spires and you will understand how Prague is a city without equal in Europe. It is arrestingly beautiful and begging to be explored. Bisected by the Vltava and the medieval splendor of the Charles bridge, with the Castle on one side and the labyrinthine streets on the other, there is seemingly no end to the sights, sounds and smells to enjoy. Stop in at a local restaurant for some of the best food in the region, or enjoy a glass of amber  beer in the country that invented the stuff! There is something for everyone in Prague - make sure you don't miss out.




Information about Prague:
Prague City Tour offers you the best travel and excursion packages, but our services don’t stop there. To be sure you get the most out of your Prague adventure, we listed the most noteworthy and outstanding spots that no traveller will want to miss. 

Some basic travel info for Prague:


Attractions in Prague

Prague History and Attractions

Prague Attractions

Information about Prague Attractions


Museums in Prague

All museums in Prague

Prague Museums

Information about the museums in Prague

Airport Information

Information about Prague Airport ( PRG )

Prague Airport ( PRG ) Information

Information about the Airport



Clubs in Prague

Prague clubs and discotheques

Prague Club Guide

A selection of Prague clubs


Food in Prague

Restaurants in Prague

Prague Food

A selection of Prague restaurants



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