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Communism & Nuclear bunker tour


This country has a dark period in its history. The communism was full of paranoia, spying and violence. On this tour You can discover the background and stories from the communist time and experience how would life be in communism cold-war period. Part of the daily life in danger was the fear from a nuclear war. In that case, not everybody would survise, only some. But who, and where?

The answer to this question lies beneath the ground. After the start of the cold war in the end of the 1940s and especially in the 1950s fell the communist regime into the permanent paranoia of beiing in threat by a nuclear attack from the west by the “bad capitalists” and other “imperialistic countries”. As a result of defensive policies introduces on both sides of the iron curtain it was necessary to prepare for such a nuclear war.  

Facilities were built, which could be used to hide the civil population and save citizen from the radioactivity brought by nuclear bombs and long range missiles. Part of the daily life in danger became false alarms, trainings with gas masks and atomic suits. In any case, not everybody would survise, only some.The complex of a nuclear attack shelter is a place of fear and hope at the same time. Join us for a visit to one of the most guarded secret places of the communist-war plans!


The professional guide will lead you through the communist history of this country. He will tell you stories about the political prisoners, refugees, the terror of the communist party and  spies and lies. 

You will learn also about:

- Cold war

- The Prague Spring and the Russian invasion of 1968

- People protests and death of student Jan Palach

- End of the communism, story of the Velvet revolution, chaos, hope and new future

- The biggest statue of Stalin ever built in the world

- Communist secret police STB head quarters

You will visit:

- Real Nuclear Bunker from 1950's, 16 metres, 4 floors deep under the city. It is the biggest nuclear bunker in Prague for up to 5000 people

- Nuclear Bunker Museum with cold war expositions with a gasmask workshop and a copy of the Nuclear Bunker survival suide


All year long: Daily at 10:30 and 14:30.

Male namesti 11, at the office in the middle of the Art Passage on the left side.
(1 minute walk from Old Town Square, at the west side from here)


Wenceslas square, city center

Things to bring

- Printed voucher


- Professional guide
- Visit of a real Nuclear Bunker
- Visit of the Nuclear Bunker Museum and gasmask workshop
- Nuclear Bunker Survival Guide


Cancellations more then a week in advance only administration costs of 15%
Cancellation between a week and 48 hours prior to departure date: 50% of the total amount
Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to departure date : 100% of the total amount
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Additional Info

Duration: 2 hours

Departure Times: 
All year long: Daily at 10:30am and 2:30pm

Departure Points:
Male namesti 11, at the office in the middle of the Art Passage on the left side.
(1 minute walk from Old Town Square, at its west side)

Languages: English
Upon request also in German.

Please note:
  • We advise you to check in at the office 10 minutes before departure.